The Beginner’s Guide to Seafood

By | June 22, 2018

Clues on How Best to Prepare Tasty Shrimp

One of the most popular seafood is shrimp and as it can be tried out using a number of the recipes. Shrimp can be used as a stew, main dish, salad or even as an appetizer. As for the cooking, you can choose to cook it shelled or unshelled, all according to the recipe you will be using for the purpose. What comes as a piece of good news is the fact that you do not have to wait till you get to the seafood restaurant for you to have a bite of your favorite seafood, the crabs or shrimp food. By and large, it is a food that you can easily prepare at home and just have as much fun eating it as you would eat at a restaurant for seafood. You will not have as much challenge with the preparation as it is as simple, whether you are doing frozen or fresh shrimp. Below are the tips for the preparation of shrimp.

If you are going for the frozen shrimp, the first thing you need to think of is to inspect the packaging before you make the purchase. Signs of ice on the shrimp, if there be any, is an indicator of the fact that the shrimp was thawed and then frozen and thus there is the advice to go for another bag. This thus calls for the need to have the shrimp defrosted. This you can simply do by removing the shrimp from the bag and refrigerating it in a bowl of cold water. Before washing the shrimp, soak it in salty water so as to get back the freshness of it, after you have had thawed and as such need this freshness back.

As you remove the shell from the body, pinch off the head and the legs, and hold the tail for you to peel it simply from the rest parts of the shrimp. If you are preparing frozen shrimp, then you need to make sure that you do not have it all completely defrosted. This step will enable you to have the shelling process a lot easier and simpler. This is the kind of step that will enable you remove all the parts that are as the head, the tail and the shell, all at once.

What will then follow this as you prep the shrimp for food is what is known as the deveining of the shrimp, which is essentially the removal of the digestive tract, which is as well known as the vein. This is the vein that runs down the back part of the shrimp. Not many like this part of the shrimp for eating and this is basically the reason as to why you need to have the this part removed but otherwise there happens not to be anything wrong with it as it is as edible as any other part of the shrimp. You can use a shrimp deveiner, or a parting knife for the deveining of the shrimp to prepare.

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