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By | June 22, 2018

Understanding the Rights and Limitations of Discrimination Laws in California

If you start listing reasons behind human discrimination across the world, you will get varied reasons and grounds such as religious beliefs, sexual orientation, color, origin, who they love, or even how they are; there is a very loud cry of people who are discriminated because they are crippled. This is termed as the discrimination, and it is evident in many places such as in places or employment or institutions. You religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or whatever makes you, should not be used as basis of your discrimination. Everyone should enjoy his or her full rights irrespective of your gender, atheist and much more.

Even with this protection, you should know the types of discriminations that contradicts with the California State Law. To start with, the California Fair Employment Act is very clear; no one should discriminate you against your national origin, color, ancestry, religious creed, age, marital status or your military veteran status. This is the reason why you have very sound legal grounds to pursue a lawsuit if any employer discriminates you on any of these grounds. Still, you are also free to use any language in the workplace as long as it does not contradict with the business necessity- the California law addresses “English-only” policies. Still on the same note, as the employee, you have the right to be notified in case there are any language restrictions and the repercussions that come with the same language restriction.

The loud cry of discrimination case in California has not gone unanswered; there are active human rights organization that is documenting and exposing discrimination-related cases. The discrimination cases include discrimination in housing, health, denial of family rights and recognition, domestic violence, discrimination at the workplace and much more. These are the organizations with the common goal of advocating policies and laws that will see full restoration of human dignity and recognition. They believe at building a nation where every person is equal before every opportunity.

Notwithstanding your level of knowledge in law, it is good if you know when to hire a lawyer to present you in the court of law as you pursue your claims. To start with, if your claim is satisfactorily resolved by the administrative agency, it is not compulsory for you to hire a lawyer for the pursuit of your claims. On the contrary, if your case is not successfully resolved by the DFEH or EEOC, it is good if you get a reputable attorney to pursue your claims before the court of law.

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